The EBI has a new Task Force on Financial Regulation and Climate Change

The Academic Board of the European Banking Institute (EBI) has approved the creation of a new Task Force on Financial Regulation and Climate Change, with the aim of gathering academics, regulators and practitioners to promote dialogue for a better understanding of the financial implications of climate change from a multi-disciplinary perspective. More generally, this TF it aims to provide a platform for a frank exchange of views to assess the current framework’s ability (and limitations) to deal with the financial system’s complex (networked) structure, its exposure to high uncertainty and large shocks, in a context of changing social norms, and to find facilitate the assimilation of the analytical tools to expand financial institutions and policymakers’ focus. This Task Force has the participation of UC3M Professors, and Climate Strategic Initiative members, Anxo Sánchez, Antonio Cabrales and David Ramos, the latter of whom is also the tf’S academic leader.